Below, you will find answers to some commonly asked questions relating to the Syptus Content Hub. If you get no joy here, please reach out to us on

What is the Syptus Engage?

Syptus Engage is a fully managed group of highly experienced technology writers, content strategists, and domain specialists. We identify and partner with leading practitioners (actual Consultants and not just Tech Writers) in the areas that we currently focus on.

The Hub is a completely separate group within Syptus and looks exclusively at providing high-quality content to our customers. It is completely different from our Content Audit and Analytics Platform and other software products that we provide.

Do you focus only on the technology industry?

Yes. We believe that quality can not be obtained by being all over the place. We currently focus exclusively on marketing, advertising and CRM industries.

What sub-sectors do you cover?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of topics that we currently cover

  1. Digital marketing strategy
  2. Digital analytics (web and mobile)
  3. Marketing automation
  4. Content marketing and SEO
  5. Paid search marketing
  6. Programmatic and RTB technologies
  7. Marketing measurement
  8. Marketing analytics
  9. Social commerce
  10. E-Commerce (including social and mobile)
  11. Customer experience and personalization
  12. Loyalty marketing
  13. Event-driven marketing
  14. Customer data platforms, data pipelines
What vertical sectors do you cover?

We specialize in creating content for technology enabled business applications. This means that as long as the topic has a technology focus, we will cover it. Sometimes we can do it using in-house staff, other times, we use our partner network.


What functional(horizontal) topics do you cover?

Our key horizontal focus is Marketing and Advertising where we cover a broad range of topics including

  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Search
  • Social
  • Display and Programmatic
  • Mobile
  • Native ads
  • Video
  • Digital Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization

What this means is that if you are looking for authoritative content solutions for your technology focused product or service in any of the niche above, then we can definitely help.

Tell us about your content production process

We keep it dead simple

  1. Every project(even a single article) has three roles – Content Strategist, Domain Specialist, Research Associate.
  2. The Strategist maintains Client interface and is responsible for overall delivery. This resource understands the content marketing side of things and specializes in converting technical content into an audience-focused story with clear logic, structure and takeaway.
  3. Domain Specialist actually writes the content.
  4. Research Associate does topic research(references, links, numbers etc.) and also SEO work if required as part of the project.
  5. A graphics designer/video resource might be added to the team depending upon format requested.

Our outlined based approach to content development includes

  1. We present a content outline based on initial brief. This includes the various sections we will cover and a high-level focus for each.
  2. Client reviews the outline and signs it off.
  3. We present first draft.
  4. Each content item comes with 3 free edits. Any edits requested after this will be charged at $100/hr.
  5. Revisions going beyond the scope of outline agreed to will not be entertained.
Tell us about your Partner Network

Not all content that we create is sourced internally. We inevitably need help on many topics and for this, we maintain active relationships with a number of subject matter experts. Collectively, these form our Partner Network.

From a Client perspective though, Syptus owns the commercial relationship and has overall responsibility of delivery.

I have a topic that does not seem to be covered in your list. Can you handle our requirements?


Even though we focus specifically on technology enabled products/services, we can not possibly list every sub-sector that we can cover. If there is an unlikely possibility that we can not handle your topic within the time, budget and scale constraints, we will clearly say so.

Do you offer other content services apart from content writing?

Yes. We offer a range of other services including

  1. Content Strategy development
  2. Content Audit
  3. Content Ops/ROI management
  4. C-level interviews
  5. Sponsored research development
  6. Competitive research(including qualitative data)


What is the ideas database?

Imagine this scenario

  1. Your product or service is highly specialized.
  2. You have IP control and other legal issues due to which you would not want to divulge details even with an NDA.
  3. You feel that the cost of hiring an external writer and then taking them through your product/service offering will be too high. And for all you know, you might still not get the desired quality.

In these situations, you may benefit from someone just providing you with a ready stream of content ideas. Well researched, fully outlined ideas that can be taken by your internal team and quickly converted into content. This would typically cut down your content turnaround times by half, possibly more.

Our content ideas database works like this

  1. You tell us a topic of interest including any keywords that you might already have.
  2. You give us a brief about your target audience, campaign purpose and target geographies.
  3. Every week, we create 5 to 6 well researched, and fully outlined content ideas that you can access through our online portal.
  4. Your writers simply have to take our outlines and elaborate on them using our precis, and research notes.
  5. The pricing for this service starts at $50/topic/month
  6. The whole process (submitting topics, keywords, briefs etc.) is entirely online using our simple to use platform.


How is content priced?

We have three main models of engagement. The first two focus exclusively on our content writing services, while the last one is more of a full service consulting engagement delivered through a monthly retainer

Monthly content packages

Each package contains 4-8 articles per month based on an agreed schedule. These are raw text articles only and images will need to be supplied by the client. Pricing starts at $650/month and can depend upon a number of factors including the number of articles needed, amount of research, length of an article and level of expertise.

Ad-hoc articles

These start at $175/article for a typical 1000 word raw text article.

Full service content consulting

This is done through monthly retainer arrangements and pricing starts at $5K/month. This covers the entire process of content audit, calendar planning, keyword strategy development, finding the right writers, content production, and performance reporting


Where can I find your offering terms and conditions?

Please click here for summary of our Content Service offering terms and conditions.

Where can I see your content portfolio?

Please click here to see a sample portfolio of our past work (Registration required for access)

How do I place an order?

To place an order, please send us a brief about your content requirement.

We will then send you a customized invoice along with payment link. Once you complete payment, you will be able to access your content project/view progress/provide comments/see past invoices etc. from within our app.

Notice that we reserve the right to decline a project based on nature of content required or constraints arising out of our internal schedule.