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Regularly updated, fully customized database of content ideas built for your specific topics, audience and campaign requirements.

Never run out of Content Ideas again

Coming up with high quality content ideas that meet your target audience needs, and SEO objectives is tough. Doing so consistently, and at scale is just plain hard work. Without proper ideas and a steady flow of content from them, you might as well put your money on other marketing tactics!

How it works

Simply tell us your topic(s) of interest and some brief information about target audience. We then conduct thorough research (think Traffic generation potential, Forum posts, News Feeds, Blog posts and a lot more) to create fully outlined content ideas for you. Including research notes, links to references, and even royalty free images! All your internal team then needs to do is to actually elaborate on these outlines and create full articles.

Broad sub-sector coverage within the technology industry

Content ideas vs. Full content. What’s the deal?

There are multiple instances where you might not want to outsource full content writing

Complex Product/Service

Your product/service might be too complex for an external writer to grasp quickly and talk about it with the same level of authority as your internal staff.

Legal issues

You might have legal, and IP issues in not sharing too much information with third party writers even with an NDA.

Cost/time constraints

The time that external writers take (and associated charges) to understand your offering in the level of detail required to produce authoritative content might make full content development outsourcing cost prohibitive.

How much does it cost?

The ideas database is priced on a per-topic basis and costs a fraction of full-blow content. This includes 5 ideas per week for a given topic. Fully outlined along with all research notes, references and with proper SEO/Social media research done based on your traffic/engagement objectives. Contact us to find out more.

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